Local Walking Group

Next: Theale Area Thursday 17th February

LETS is running monthly local walks as an extra social activity, particularly useful while indoor meetings are difficult and no-one wants to just sit around outside at this time of year!
There are a few good walking groups and clubs in the area and they cater well for people wanting to do more challenging walks in interesting locations. We're aiming more at social walking and being as inclusive as possible.
We'll mainly be walking within the areas LETS covers and minimising the distances covered by other means of transport.
People who aren't LETS members are welcome to come along but if you want to do many of the walks we'd like you to join LETS which only costs £5 a year. That helps pay for our insurance and this website.
Ideally contact us beforehand so we can keep you up to date on any last minute changes.

We've already done a couple of Bracknell based walks in December and January.
The next one is on Thursday 19th February around Theale and Englefield for a change, contact us for more details if you want to join in.