Recent News and Events

Reading Garden Party August 26th

On 26th August we had another excellent Garden Party at a member's house. There was lots of nice food; some items for trading were on display and fruit from the garden also got traded. At the end there was also an unexpected piano recital.

First Foxes Den Meeting This Year

On 4th August we had our first live meeting at Foxes Den Cafe since March last year. About 20 people attended plus two on Zoom. We were so excited at doing a real meeting no-one remembered to take any photos!

Binfield Garden Party July 26th

On Monday 26th July we held a Garden Party, the first such event since 2019. There was also an option of attending by Zoom but 12 people dropped in during the day and some in person produce trading took place.

Stall at Reading WaterFest

On 19th June we actually did a stall at an outdoor event, the first since 2019 - Reading WaterFest in the Forbury Gardens which also included a celebration of the 900th anniversary of the Abbey. As it was the third Saturday we originally billed it as that month's Meet & Greet session though it soon became apparent that the Council's timed ticket system was going to limit the amount of people we could get in. Also we had some problems with the event's one way system which didn't seem to include much of a circular route and two of our stall volunteers found themselves having to leave the site and come back in through the front gate to get back to the stall. It did put us off from exploring!
However, fair play to Reading Council for actually putting something on when so many other events were cancelling.

Trading has been a bit limited due to the ongoing lockdown situation but there's still a reasonable amount going on, about 130 hours worth in six months . Produce, crafts and repair items have been delivered by people on exercise walks, or moved between Bracknell and Reading by key workers who are making the journey already. We're still not able to do in person meetings but we've had some very good talks over Zoom.

There aren't loads of pictures of people exchanging items or putting up shelves yet but here are some examples of recent practical trades.