Recent News and Events

LETS Walk for June

Piglittle Field Binfield June 15th

On 15th June we did a walk in Binfield, starting at Popes Meadow and going round Piglittle Field. The walk leader had researched examples of local wildlife and plants and it was good that we were able to find quite a few. A number of interesting butterflies also put in an appearance but didn't hang around long enough for any good pics.

LETS Stall at Reading Waterfest

June 4th

On 4th June we ran a promotional stall at Reading Waterfest, a celebration of the canal and old Abbey. Our stall in the Forbury Gardens featured our freshly printed new banner and we ran an activity to make phone pouches out of recycled materials using solar powered sewing machines. There was also a brief demonstration of sharpening some secateurs in between talking to the large numbers of public passing.

Some people were interested in our workshop on making a phone pouch but didn't have time to make one themselves. If you still want to make one you can download the instructions below.

Phone Pouch Project.pdf

LETS Walk for May

Walk at Larks Hill Bracknell

There had been a request for some shorter walks, or at least ones in sections for people with less stamina or time so the walk leader had made suitable changes. As it happened, none of those turned up on the day! Not only that but we came across a couple of bridges that had been declared unsafe, and a big chunk of the path dug up for a new development. Still, a nice walk punctuated by interesting information about the area.

May Trading

Trading in May included these home grown free range eggs

LETS Walk in April

Swinley Forest

In April our walk was in Swinley Forest and around Englemere Pond.

Hoodie Repair April

A sewing repair in April was extending the life of this hoodie by fitting elbow patches

LETS Walk in March


On 17th March we did a good walk in the sunshine around Warfield. The area has a lot of history and predates Bracknell. We came across a number of excellent old Oak and Chestnut trees and visited an ice house associated with the old estate. We also saw relics of the old brick industry and the Newt Reserve.

LETS Walk for February

On 17th February a couple of us did a nice walk in the countryside in Theale and Sulham. The weather on the day was warm and sunny with just a bit of wind towards the end. However the day was sandwiched in between two storms so maybe a few other people were put off. There was some mud in field entrances from the previous day's rain but not enough to need welly boots. We passed a surprising number of old WW2 defensive pillboxes. We were close to the M4 but that wasn't there in 1945.

Laptop Power Socket Job

This Lenovo laptop had half a charger plug broken off in the socket. An initial approach with two sewing machine needles didn't work but in the end I managed to carefully drill a 1mm hole into the plastic and screw in an old 12BA thread tap used as an extractor.

January Walk

On 19th January we did a walk around Hawthorn Lane and the Nuptown area of Warfield and Winkfield.
Some of the going was muddy but not too wet and the sun actually came out towards the end though it was quite a chilly day, better for walking than standing about. At this time of year the countryside is quiet and we saw some wildlife including a sparrowhawk and a pair of fairly large deer.