Recent News and Events

Garden Work Party In May

This was the second of our Garden Work Parties this year. A member's garden had become overgrown during a period of ill health so LETS ran a work party to get it back under control. Hopefully we'll get some video of this one up soon as well.

Pressure Washing Job

It's got to the time of year for a bit of Spring cleaning. Here's the Winter's accumulated grime being blown off a patio by a LETS member with a pressure washer.

Clearout Items Used In Fence Repair

This is a nice example of the LETS principle that one person's clearout  can be the solution to someone else's problem. Recently a member brought a box of screws and other assorted DIY bits to a meeting after a tidy up. Another member thought they looked useful and paid a few Bricks for them.
Not long afterwards some of the screws were all that was needed in an emergency fence repair after high winds took out three panels.

LETS Non Christmas Meal

In January of 2020 we had a very successful non Christmas meal attended by people from across our coverage area. Just after that there was a major interruption to normal activities.
This year we decided it was time to do another one. Like a few things in the modern world it didn't quite go straightforwardly with the January attempt having to be cancelled at short notice but finally we did have a good one on 20th February at Peacock Farm.

Typing Trade

A slightly unusual trade in February was a member helpfully retyping medication instructions that had been given to an elderly neighbour of another member as a distressed photocopy.

February Meeting

At the Bracknell meeting on 7th February we had a presentation about the local Foodbank run by the Trussell Trust.

Afternoon Tea at South Hill Park 8th January

At the start of the new year a member organised an Afternoon Tea session at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell. We don't often do weekday afternoon events; it's usually Coffee Mornings. However the occasional afternoon ones are well worth it as we always get a different combination of people including some we haven't seen for a while.

A Couple of Recent Trades

Earlier in the year one of our members was able to acquire this excellent hallway rug in a trade. Around Christmas they unfortunately got Covid but another local member was there to deliver food and pharmacy items.

Events From 2023

Below is some of what we were up to last year.

December Meet & Greet

The December Meet & Greet at Greyfriars Atrium in Reading

November Monthly Meeting

At the meeting in November we had an interesting talk from Mike Coker of Binfield Environment Group mainly about provision of nesting boxes for Swifts.

Stall at Great Wellness Exchange

On Saturday 16th September we ran a stall at the Great Wellness Exchange at Bracknell Leisure Centre in spite of it clashing with our Reading Meet & Greet. There were stalls from various local exercise, food and community health organisations.

Bead Restringing

This bead necklace was professionally restrung in September.

LETS AGM 6th September

On 6th September we held our AGM. The formal AGM which we're obliged to have was kept to a minimum and afterwards we had an entertaining performance from the U3A Rockers.

August Meet & Greet Garden Party

The normally indoor Meet & Greet was held in a member's garden. It was a good day in between various threatened weather warnings. A good range of members attended and there was a nice mix of bought and home made refreshments.

LETS Stall at Reading WaterFest

On 10th June we set up a stall at Reading WaterFest, always a well attended event and the weather was very good.