Exchange & Trading Ideas

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  • Bike Mending

Those new to LETS frequently struggle to think what they might offer but we all have something to give.

In Bracknell LETS we'd love to add more people to our existing group of handy-people with DIY skills. For example, we have members who'd like shelving put up, gardens dug, garden paths laid, painting.
We have quite a large selection of tools for 'rental', some great cooks/bakers and even a chimney sweep.
What you could offer at LETS
    • Lifts to: the airport, appointments, shopping, LETS meetings
    • Waiting in for: deliveries, services
    • Gardening – advice, planting, mowing, tidying, potting...
    • DIY (the simple stuff) – painting and decorating, putting up shelves...
    • Trading items – food, plants, books, anything you no longer need that others might like
    • Cooking – from baking cakes or bread to weekly meals
    • Advice – do you have specialist knowledge or experience to you be helpful to others
    • Domestic cleaning
    • Shoe polishing, ironing, bed making, sewing, housework
    • Tool loan – DIY tools, garden or paper shredder, leaf blower, sewing machine, soup maker, slow cooker
    • Savvy shopping – see a great deal and share/trade with members
    • Shopping for others
    • Passionate about travel – present a slide show and talk at a LETS meeting
    • Dog walking, cat sitting, pet feeding
    • Holiday house checks – popping in and turning lights on and off
    • Lending books, CDs, DVDs
    • Tuition in languages, sewing and other skills such as computer and smartphone use
    • Collecting and dropping off prescriptions
Everyone has something to offer and, as long as members trade fairly, honestly and responsibly, the system works. LETS in this area has been in existence for over 20 years and has devised certain checks and balances to make sure that our system is robust, active, fair and successful.
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